Sustainable Development is the concept of using resources to meet the needs of humanity in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The SDN provides a space for NGOs, government, and professionals to network and access information and research in sustainable development, health, welfare and in the education and training sectors. The SDN promotes projects and lifestyles that will ensure that our children and their children will be able to sustain themselves now and in the future.

The SDN hosts the following programmes and platforms:

  1. Networking – enables NGOs access to workshops, conferences, information and other networks working together toward common sustainable development goals. The SDN provides relevant workshops, training and mentoring programmes to assist in meeting these capacity needs.
  2. Education and training - in South Africa, this programme provides training in financial management, social enterprise development, fundraising and resource mobilisation, PR, media and marketing, creative facilitation methodologies, sustainable service delivery and more, for non-profit organisations and government (see our Resources section).
  3. One Heart - this programme aims to equip children and youth through the provision of fun, interactive, tested literacy curriculum and leadership development. One Heart also hosts trail running events to raise funds and create awareness for education in South Africa. (see our programmes page).


Helen ZilleOrder Our Second Edition Renewable Energy Book!

A South African Renewable Energy Guide for Local Government, 2nd Edition.” (Thompson-Smeddle ed., 2015) was funded by the Hanns Seidel Foundation. The first edition was launched by Helen Zille in October 2012. This guide has been used to train government officials throughout South Africa.
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Second edition books can be ordered Here


Second Edition South African Renewable Energy Guide for Local Government
Since the publication of the first edition of the South African Renewable Energy Guide for Local Government, sustainable energy generation  has become more cost effective, and in many instances renewables are now more economically viable than non-renewables. This narrowing gap in costs, coupled with an increased awareness of the environmental benefits of renewables, has greatly stimulated the sustainable energy market.

Over the last several years, metropolitan municipalities have engaged with innovative, cost-effective sustainable energy projects and solutions. Medium and smaller municipalities are beginning to understand the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders in the energy sector. They are learning how to work within the confines of the South African national, provincial and local policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks.

In line with these developments, this second edition provides useful information and solid examples of how politicians, city managers and government officials, in partnership with communities, can facilitate the adoption of renewable energy systems and technologies to achieve a more sustainable energy future for all.


Sustainable Development Network South Africa NPC Number: K2011/122880/08

Sustainable Development Network USA Non-Profit (501c3) Number: 3388896

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