The SDN has following programmes and platforms:

  1. Networking – this platform enables NGOs access to workshops, conferences, information and other networks working together toward common sustainable development goals. The Network is established in a “pay it forward” manner. Our networks provide valuable feedback regarding capacity needs. Network partners are asked to donate an amount of time and/or resources to other network affiliates in order to share experiences and build capacity in the broader SD sector. The SDN provides relevant workshops, training and mentoring programmes to assist in meeting these capacity needs.
  2. Education and training - in South Africa, this programme provides training in financial management, social enterprise development, fundraising and resource mobilisation, PR, media and marketing, creative facilitation methodologies, sustainable service delivery and more, for non-profit organisations and govenrment (see our Resources section).
  3. One Heart - In South Africa trail running provides many opportunities for adults but rarely caters for kids. One Heart develops kids in trail running and instils a love for sport and for the environment. In today’s society children are introduced to running in a very competitive manner. If a learner is not the best in his or her school, he or she is often not motivated to participate. Our aim is to see our children and youth discover the joy of running at grassroots level.


Our purpose is to inspire every young person to believe that he or she can conquer any trial: to help them realise that it’s not about performance, but about enjoying the sport as well as owning a healthy body and a sound mind - mens sana in corpore sano. In One Heart, we believe that all children can run, everyone is a winner and every child’s personal goals can be reached. We have seen that children can overcome personal obstacles in their lives by finishing a race. Furthermore, for every race they run, children get to learn how to read.

Proceeds from our trail running events go for internationally renowned, CAPS aligned, SA Department of Education endorsed Key Links curriculum for SA schools. One Heart children can discover for themselves the beauty and excitement of running, reading and leading.

Developing healthy habits starts at a young age. Let’s help children discover the joy of running and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as early as possible!


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